About Me

Assalamualaikum, my name is Muhammad Syamsid Dhuha , I’ve been traveling, of course different places around the globe for the last 5 years. I don’t think you have to quit your job to travel, because you can simply work abroad. I have a passion for Photography, Travel , Anime !! and I’m always in the mood for adventurous

I’m not a long-term traveler and I don’t claim that I’m on an around-the-world trip even if it might actually seem so. Instead I get to know the world by living in many different places for a while. If you’re interested in my story and want to read a bit more check out my story down below

  • 2015-future
Dhuha Society CEO / President
When I started in IT the roles were clearly separated. Business Analysts wrote requirements, Systems Analysts designed systems, Architects designed them, Programmers wrote the code and then spent weeks of their life engaged in the soul-crushing activity known as integration. build and lead the teams, however reading these will only get you so far. In order to become a successful leader you must also know how to manage people, including clients, project teams, other colleagues and your bosses as well.

  • 2011-2014
IBM Cyberjaya and Media Prima Electronics media/Admin
A whole new level Any developer can now run any project in the company very easily, reducing setup time, and freeing you up from troubleshooting system configurations discussion about strengths, and perceived shortcomings like dependency management.

  • 2009-2011
Animefestival.asia Lead Developer
As lead developer, I’m responsible for setting technical direction, software architecture decisions and code standards for the front-end team, but I love getting my hands dirty at the business end of coding, and I’m currently working with technologies like AngularJS, BackboneJS, Sass and Grunt to name only a few. I also really enjoy mentoring junior developers. My philosophy is that the more you share your knowledge, the more you can delegate and improve the productivity of the whole team.

  • 2015

National University of Singapore Degree
IT Engineering . The strong analytical capability that engineers possess is highly valued in the business world, but it is imperative that you also understand the other, more qualitative, aspects. These qualitative skills are what engineers stereotypically lack; we like black and white answers, but in the business world, it’s not typically that simple. NUS has also been rated as Asia’s top three universities across all disciplines measured. The University retains its placing as the region’s best in Social Sciences and Management, as well as second in the areas of Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, and Life Sciences and Medicine.

  • 2013-2014

Multimedia University , Malaysia bachelor
With an engineering degree, you can find jobs in most business functions from marketing to IT to banking. Most of these roles involve creative and critical thinking skills which you hone as an engineering student.

  • 2009-2013
International College of Yayasan Melaka graduated
I have basic practical training in here such as I'm joining a toastmasters club to acquire communication, leadership and networking skills or getting an internship/doing a part-time job. Even if you choose to be an engineer, these skills will be essential when you go into management.