Syamsid Journey - Exploring Kuala Lumpur Days & Night Part III

spent some time walking around the pavillion – bukit bintang, snapping pics of people around. coincidentally there was a bunch of painted bears lounging just outside the pavillion. uhmmm.. not really sure the origin of those bears, but they represent countries around the world. one of the bears was painted by local artist – imuda.

i have always loved taking pics of people crossing the street. at the pavillion crossing or at lot 10, you may get the opportunity to do so. here’s one that does not really a good one – but i’ll keep on trying getting a perfect one! i’ll get the perfect one someday. anyways, i just love the emotions each person brings about.

asuka langley from evangelion was also enjoying my cup of milk tea (along with recycled grapetiser bottle containing mountain dew drinks.. hehe..) 

here’s the size comparison of my 1TB western digital external hard disk with my friend’s same 1TB w/digital external h/disk. mine’s huge like 3.5 times! plus mine’s work with a power supply! (really sucks). however, been using it for 2 years now without any glitch and it’s a treasure though ^_^

rainy day around KL brings about a different mood as well as atmosphere. i just love this pic in which the rain drops on my side window glass make a good assimilation against the KL city skyline at night.

KL city skyline from afar. it was rainy season (and it still is now) and after a heavy one, the mist lingers around the skyscrapers.

this is a popular spot for kite flying. the place is near kepong. jam-packed during weekends with families and kids. apart from kite flying, some visitors use the park for jogging or having a picnic while looking at those kites flying up in the sky.

the evening sky at kepong. the silhouette of the man with his bike (selling ice-creams) is a lovely one…in my humble opinion.

bought a t-shirt from uniqlo. this one was on a discount. mugi-chan was fascinated by it and even considered to sleep on it that night

these gels are used to get rid of humidity from harming the camera or lens. humidity brings about fungus into the lens and having fungus infesting the lens is no good at all.

mugi-chan in her relaxed pose. (mugi chan said – my old laptop still functioning . Yeayy ^_^

this shot was taken at a car park along jalan yap kwan seng. one day flat rate at RM3 kind of cheap but have to walk a bit. i consider the walking part as the long forgotten exercise that i have managed to elude so far. hahahha!

a lonely plastic/trash being politely placed by a very considerate person on the side walk. this person should be awarded with a kick on the head for being marvelous at finding a substitute trash bin for his/her trash.

the third proton juara decepticons spotted over one and a half year period of my observation. still waiting to catch a glimpse of proton juara autobot. so far, decepticons lead 3-0.

during the past month, i’ve been watching j-dorama pride (again, it’s takuya kimura as the main cast). however, yuko takeuchi really got my attention. what a beauty! what.. a.. beauty.. \(^o^)/

yuriko ishida is another beauty in the same j-dorama – pride. so beautiful..huaaaaaaa (O_O)

here’s the relationship chart for pride. wow..yuko fictional age is 24! and yuriko’s fictional age is 34! for the drama’s synopsis, please visit dramawiki.

second j-dorama i watched is sora kara furu ichioku no hoshi. this one is no regular j-dorama. the plot of the story could be described as twisted and dark. main cast are eri fukatsu, sanma akashiya and takuya kimura.

sanma akashiya and eri fukatsu are brother & sister in the story. eri fukatsu looks very cute in this story. details of story – visit dramawiki… (sorry guys, no relationship chart here, so the fictional age will remain mysterious forever. hahaha)

the uniqlo skinny fit jeans is documented in photographic details. one CF2014 last year button managed to get into the pic as well..! haha
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  1. roger la kite bila pergi klcc lagi. ehehehe.

  2. Semart habis gambar. Jalan dekat pavilion tu dah angle macam crossing di shibuya. Saya pernah main layang layang di kepong dahulu sewaktu belajar di Kuala Lumpur. Seronok pusing petang petang dekat sana. Jam tu memang lumrah kehidupan di kotaraya. lali hahaha

    1. Yup agreed .. Mcm dekat shibuya .. Thanks for the comment bro

  3. love your photo..and words also..and takuya kimura.huhuhu..