he would never leave her. he would not have the strength to live without her. a promise he made to himself that he would be with her no matter what. a self-destructing promise that he should have never made and hold to himself. being with her at all time whether for good or bad. cared for her more than he would care for himself. the utmost love is the most painful there is and the utmost love is the biggest king of stupidity in the world combined. love for him was like walking past the dreams and memories in the dark winter while the strangely quiet storm raging with deafening silence. hiding the wounds within the scars was easy with the blinded heart and impaired senses. for all these qualities and measurement of feelings he had, made him the saddest man in this world. and the saddest thing in this world, is loving someone who does not love him (you) in return.

It's been a year already since I've left "the world of blogging" . There's a lot of going on but before I continuing , I wanted to wished "Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan" Hope this Ramadhan had a good benefits to us and efforts to make a better Muslim . I would like to make it short , what's going on during a year without blogging

As a contract workers , there is a terms of "end of the contract" . So most of the company that I joining in , had 2 to 3 years contracts (oversea) . Now I'm doing freelancing with a few small companies and also internet freelancing under UPWORK , mostly are from United States (customer) RM2000-5000 per month . ( Depends ) . Yes , during that time , I'm quite busy with all those office work .

(Now) I've a lot of free time , I can take a vacations on my own work which is good to have a quality time with friends and family . I lived  in Perak btw he he he, who knows we can meet up in any day :) . My life are pretty simple , "just do it , and take a good care of yourself , if you have more , let's help the others" that's a wrap for today . You can follow me On Instagram / Twitter or Facebook . I prefer twitter and instagram . Adios .

The sports genre.. if you're not a fan of it then it can't be helped but danggg ! how much you're missing out. Most people don't start watching anime with the sports genre and even when they dive deeper into the vast sea of anime genres, it is one that usually is missed out.

Now how does Haikyuu, a simple series mean that you miss out a lot?

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